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Hi, I'm Jay! I started Lockbusters after losing everything in the 2008 recession. What was supposed to only be a temporary side gig has quickly changed my life and become a passion of mine to help people though this business. I'm happy to write that for the past 12+ years, I have helped folks save tons of money through my transparent service, and have donated thousands of dollars to my favorite animal rescue charities. Now, in Tampa, I am a proud volunteer at Bay Chapel Food Pantry.

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“My business model is simple, I want to help you save money and give back to my favorite charities!”

- Jay, Lockbusters Owner

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How Can We Help?

In an industry plagued by untrustworthy and unethical business practices, Lockbusters is refreshing for customers who need a friendly, stress free locksmithing resource that doesn’t make them feel like an open wallet.
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Volunteer Efforts

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